At Marquee Flooring Wakefield our Carpeting and Wooden Flooring is of the highest quality giving that extra feeling of luxury to your event.

When a Marquee Flooring Wakefield marquee is booked with carpeting then in order to avoid problems with water seepage and absorption, we always lay down plastic sheeting underlay followed with carpeting.

In these circumstances it is not guaranteed that the carpet will not get wet, this is a cheaper option. 

In order to avoid rain water being absorbed within the marquee we always recommend the use of a wooden floor. Once the marquee wooden floor has been laid it is usually then covered over with carpeting. 

Marquee wooden flooring gives stability and peace of mind, especially when you have marquee tables and chairs.

All our flooring is inspected before and after use to make sure it is in tip top condition before being used.

We have a large range of flooring to choose from in different colours and materials to suit your event. 

Depending on your budget Marquee Flooring Wakefield will also provide bespoke themed event flooring and finishings to compliment your celebration. These also include dancefloors if you want to dance the night away.

Marquee Flooring Wakefield

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